How to Clean a Hot Tub – Complete Guide

How to Clean a Hot Tub
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Hot tub is an ultimate source of relaxation and pleasing. People invest their money and buy one to get relaxed. Filling the hot tub again and again is a quite hectic job for most of the people. So, how to protect the hot tub and keep it clean so you don’t need to fill it again and again.

Keeping the hot tub clean makes it’s life even longer and not only long lasting life while it also keeps you safe and healthy. So, how to clean a hot tub properly. In this article, I will guide you through all the step by step hot tub cleaning.

When the Cleaning is required?

Cleaning of a hot tub depends on how much you use it and the things you use to take care of water and other hot tub maintenance. All of the hot tub parts need cleaning at a different specific point.

Cleaning After Each Use

Once you use the hot tub make sure to clean and check maintenance after. In order to do that follow the below steps;

  • Take a piece of clean cloth or the tub scrubber and clean the tidelines with it gently without harshing the hot tub.
  • Check the sanitizer and pH levels and adjust them accordingly as required.

Cleaning a Hot Tub Weekly

If you’re cleaning your hot tub after a week or two, make sure to check the following things:

  • Check the tub filter and make sure to clean it properly.
  • Check the sanitizer and pH levels and adjust them accordingly as required.
  • Water shock dose.

Cleaning a Hot Tub Quarterly

If you haven’t used the hot tub for few months, it’s not a worry. Just make sure to clean it before the next use.

  • First of all, make sure to drain the water completely out of the tub.
  • Check out the tub pipes and clean it with pipe cleaner, so there won’t be any dust or anything else.
  • Clean the interior of the tub properly.
  • Once done all the draining and done the cleaning, refill the hot tub.

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How to Clean a Hot Tub?

In order to do the complete hot tub cleaning, it requires all the parts of the hot tub to be cleaned properly.

Draining the Hot Tub

Before you start draining the hot tub, do not forget to turn off the power and isolater, otherwise during the draining pump can restart to fill up the tub as there’s sensors that make sure the tub have enough water up to it’s required level. In the draining process, refilling the the water can harm the motor and filteration process.

Most of the new hot tubs are coming with valves to drain the water from it’s bottom cabinet. Follow the instructions from the hot tub manual guide to find out the draining valve of your hot tub.

Flush Out Pipes

To remove the bacteria and dirt of your hot tub, make sure to flush out the pipe before you start cleaning it’s interior. Every flush line have a different specific use which needs to be done gently and carefully. It’s recommended to clean the hot tub pipe lines once a year preferrably before you start using it. Drain the hot tub completely once you have finished the cleaning.

Cleaning the Hot Tub Surface

As soon as the hot tub is completely drained, start removing the dirt from it’s surface with a soft piece of cloth. Rub the surface gently to remove the dirt and stains as much as possible. You can even use the surface cleaner with the tub scrubber to remove all the stains easily without harming the hot tub surface.

Cleaning the JETS & Pillows

To enhance the flow hot water flow, clean the hot tub jets. Make sure all the jets are totally clean. Any dirt particles can block it’s way that can cause the heating problem.

To clean the Hot tub pillows or head rest, it’s good practice to remove the cushions and clean with a cloth properly. Also do not forget to clean acrylic behind the pillows.

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Cleaning Hot Tub Panels

Wipe the tub panels with detergent and a clean soft piece of cloth. Ensure all the dirt is removed from the panels. Make sure you don’t hosepipe the panels as it contains the electro mechanical parts at it’s back, which can cause a damage.

Cleaning Hot Tub Cover

To clean the hot tub cover, use the high pressure hose pipe. If there’s any dirt left behind after the pressure water, remove it with a cloth.

Do not turn the hot tub on till the water level touches the bottom of the pillows, new or cleaned filters have been placed in and all the drain valves are closed. To fill in the hot tub, put the hosepipe into the filter housing unit. This makes sure all the internal pipes aren’t airlocked and starts filling the hot tub. Once it’s filled with water, do not forget to balance the pH level and add sanitizer.

Hot Tub Cleaning Safety Tips
1. Ensure your hot tub is turned off before draining your hot tub. 2. Use a clean and soft cloth and chemicals which are specifically designed for cleaning. 3. Do not forget to follow the instructions give my the manufacturers manual guidelines. 4. Keep your your skin and eyes secure while using the chemicals to clean the hot tub. Gloves are recommended. 5. Make sure to keep the chemical products out of reach of the children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are the most common ask when it comes to cleaning a hot tub. Check out all these frequently asked questions.

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Can I Clean Hot Tub with Bleach?

Can I Clean Hot Tub with Vinegar?

No, any bleach or other home products may cause damage to your hot tub or even to your skin. Always use the recommended hot tub cleaning products only which are dedicated for this purpose. Hot Tub chemicals are balanced with pH. So, use only the compatible products.

Why Hot Tub Water Gets Cloudy?

This cloudy effect is caused by the soap and some other small particles which get through filter. You can use Jacuzzi Spa Clear that clears the any particles which dodged the filters. Also, replace the filter time to time.

When Should I Change the Water?

It totally depends on the usage of hot tub that how frequently you use it. For the most pleasant and cleanliness experience, we recommend changing the water once in a month. If it’s used more frequently, then you can even change it weekly. But the maximum time after you can change the hot tub water is three months. Do not let it over stay in hot tub more than three months. Secondly, it also depends on the hot tub sanitation method you use.

Why Hot Tub Water Gets Green?

Water gets green as water stays for longer in hot tub and you don’t change it. It is caused by the algae. You can drain out the water complete and clean the hot tub with high dose of chlorine and bromine sanitizer. Make sure to updated the pH

Why Hot Tub Water Smells?

Water starts smelling when there’s water in the tub for long without cleaning and algae starts at the surface of the hot tub. To get rid of this smell, clean the hot tub with chlorine and bromine.

Why Foam Appears on the Hot Tub Surface?

Most common reason of this foam on the hot tub surface is the detergents used in the hot tub and imbalance of pH in the water. Also, test the chlorine and bromine levels including the pH level as well.

Should I Clean Hot Tub Filter?

When it come to cleaning the hot tub, filter is the main part of it. It’s essential to clean up the filter frequently time to time for any dust particles. If it’s not cleaned properly, hot tub might not perform properly and can cause the water flow issues. It’s recommended to clean the filter weekly for optimum performance.

Can I Use Warm Water to Fill the Hot Tub?

Some people want to warm the water quicker so they can start enjoying it without waiting for long. Well, yes you can fill the hot tub with warm water but make sure the water is not hotter than 40°C. If you fill the more hot water then it may damage the hot tub acrylic.

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